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Nickel Mania Product and Services



Nickel Arcade Games

Extensive library of arcade games, both old and new

Runs on a nickel battery for hours of fun

Ticket Redemption Games

Contests where winners can exchange tickets for tangible items

Creates an atmosphere of friendly rivalry and excitement Ticket redemption counter with a wide variety of rewards

Prize Redemption

Reward packages that include both tiny and huge goods

Party Packages

Food, drinks, and allocated arcade play time are all included.

Party and group outing packages are now available.

Offers a memorable and stress-free party experience

Group Discounts

Perfect for field trips, company parties, and charity auctions

Group and organization discounts are available.

Snack Bar

Visitors may easily find somewhere to eat and rest while they're here.

Provides a wide selection of drinks

Event Hosting

Offers a one-of-a-kind and fun setting for parties and events.

Suitable for weddings, parties, and other special occasions

Customer Support

Helps to make sure that customers have a good time

Staff is kind and quick to respond to guests' needs.

Nickel Mania Pricing and Packages



Nickel Game Tokens

Get some nickel tokens and play some arcade games.

Token prices are subject to change dependent on order size.

Any game that accepts a nickel can be played with tokens.

Ticket Packages

Ticket packages for use in the relevant games

Provides more bang for your buck than buying tickets separately

Allows for a larger number of potential prize wins

Birthday Party Package

Nickel Mania offers all-inclusive birthday party packages.

Features a dedicated host and a variety of party-planning choices, as well as arcade tokens, reserved seating, and catering.

Group Discount

Perfect for field trips, company parties, and charity auctions

Group and organization discounts are available.

Provides special rates for a limited number of attendees.

Event Packages

Offers members-only use of arcade and event spaces

Customized plans for exclusive celebrations and milestones

Personalized choices in food, decor, and more

Membership Program

Provides members with special perks, like reduced prices on tokens for games.

Regular-visitor loyalty club

Allows participation in limited-time offers and events

Get some nickel tokens and play some arcade games.

Nickel Mania Alternatives



Dave & Buster's

Multiple arcade games, both old and new, plus a full-service restaurant and sports bar; an all-around good time!

Arcade games and other fun activities for the whole family.

Provides a wide selection of ticket-redeemable games

Chuck E. Cheese's

Includes free pizza, snacks, and music.

Entertainment complex that includes bowling, arcade games, and more


Offerings include karaoke, pool, and other entertainment options.

wide variety of arcade and ticket games are available.

Arcade games and other attractions at a multi-theme arcade

Main Event Entertainment

Including a restaurant and a bar with full service

Including but not limited to Bowling, Laser Tag, and Mini Golf

Theme arcade dedicated to classic video games


Includes a variety of meal and drink choices

Provides both traditional and cutting-edge arcade games

Places that only house vintage arcade games provide an authentic throwback experience with their original arcade cabinets.

Retro Arcade

Multiple arcade games, both old and new, plus a full-service restaurant and sports bar; an all-around good time!

Includes a handpicked selection of classic arcade games

Arcade games and other fun activities for the whole family.

Provides a wide selection of ticket-redeemable games

Nickel Mania Customer Reviews

  • Lucy M. reviews it. lot of fun, that Nickel Mania! My kids and I went there for a delightful afternoon, and everyone had a great time. The nickel system allows us to have a good time without completely draining our bank accounts, and the arcade itself is clean and well-maintained. My kids loved the ticket redemption games, and they really liked getting to choose their own prizes. All of the employees we encountered were pleasant and eager to assist us. We plan to return in the future.
  • Author Unita. reviews. With my pals, I had a blast at Nickel Mania. We spent hours pitting our wits against one other in the arcade's many games. The nickel system is cheap, and it's great that you can play for longer without spending too much. Some of the equipment may use some TLC, but other than that, I had a great time. If you're searching for something to do for the day, I highly suggest it.
  • Albert Evaluation. birthday celebration at Nickel Mania would be a blast! I had a birthday party for my son there, and all the kids had a great time. Having tokens, reserved seating, and wonderful food all included in the party package was a huge time saver. The children were thoroughly entertained by the party host. The only small concern was that there weren't many larger prizes available at the prize redemption counter. But the kids had a great time, so I might even consider having another party there.
  • Analysis by Ashley. Although Nickel Mania's arcade games are fun, the venue itself could use some work. There were a lot of people there when I went, and it was difficult to find an open machine. There wasn't much to choose from at the snack bar, and the prices were a little steep for the quality. The personnel was helpful, and the games to get free tickets were fun. You could kill a couple of hours here, but there are better ways to spend your time.
  • Joss Buttler reviews. "Nickel Mania is my favorite show ever!" For some throwback arcade action, I always head here. I feel like I've been transported back to my childhood thanks to the vintage pinball machines and arcade games. The nickel method is brilliant since it allows me to keep playing without breaking the bank. I've won some pretty cool stuff through the prize redemption counter, and they have a good range of prizes. The employees are always helpful and pleasant. Fans of arcade games should check out Nickel Mania.

Best 9 Nickel Mania Arcade in Saint George Shopping Tips

  1. Be cautious to verify the arcade's hours of operation before setting aside time to go there. You may typically find this info on their website or by calling customer care.
  2. Don't forget to stock up on nickels, because that's the currency of choice at Nickel Mania Arcade. If you want to play all of the arcade games, you'll need a lot of nickels. You might want to get rolls of nickels from the bank so that you always have some on hand.
  3. Make a spending plan Because each play only costs a nickel in Nickel Mania, it's easy to lose track of how much money you've spent. Make a spending plan ahead of time to avoid going overboard and to guarantee that you'll have enough nickels to play a wide range of games.
  4. Try out a few different games At Nickel Mania, you may play a broad variety of arcade games, from old school classics to cutting edge new releases. Make the most of your time by venturing out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Don't be reluctant to try out games you're unfamiliar with.
  5. If you're planning a trip to Nickel Mania Arcade, think about inviting a large group of people. Engage in friendly competition or work together to complete challenging missions in multiplayer or cooperative games.
  6. Arcade games can be thrilling and intense, but it's important to take breaks to refresh yourself with water and get some exercise. Bring a water bottle or stock up on refreshments at the arcade's snack stands.
  7. Keep an eye out for discounts Nickel Mania occasionally runs deals that provide discounted rates for games. Check their website or social media pages regularly for information on ongoing promotions, contests, and other opportunities to save money and win extra prizes.
  8. Be kind to other players and observe proper arcade etiquette at all times. Don't hold up the line for others waiting to use a machine, and don't act disruptively. Always treat the arcade equipment with respect and let the personnel know if you encounter any problems.
  9. Nickel Mania Arcade provides a throwback gaming experience for players of all ages, so have some fun and get in touch with your inner child. Give up to the nostalgia and throw yourself into the old-school games. Don't stress out too much on getting the highest score possible or winning every game; simply kick back and have fun.

Nickel Mania is more than just arcade games; there are also ticket redemption games where winners can redeem their tickets for a wide variety of prizes. This raises the stakes and encourages healthy rivalry amongst players as they all attempt to rack up the most tickets. Players are encouraged to return to the game often by the prize redemption counter, which gives a broad variety of prizes ranging in size from small trinkets to larger stuff. Nickel Mania is a favorite destination for celebrations, group outings, and family reunions due to its low pricing and lively, exciting ambiance. Nickel Mania is a great place to take the whole family for a fun time, whether you're seeking to relive your glory days at the arcade or make some brand new memories together. 

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